Who we are

3Skills was created with the mission to "Create the world's most employable candidates." We teach job-seekers how to communicate their value to employers so they can build careers they are proud of.

Our goal at the beginning was to help 5 people land jobs every year - with a heavy focus on international students. Today, we have more than 10,000 people in our community and we have helped hundreds of job-seekers receive offers from companies like Shopify, Uber, Survey Monkey, Wealthsimple & many more.


To create the world's most employable candidates

Meet The Founders

Tobi Oluwole

Team Lead @ Shopify

Coming here as an international student and knowing my parents had invested all they had into my education gave me the drive I needed to build a great career. I know what it's like to apply for hundreds of jobs and not get a single call back. But now I also know what it takes to win employers over and land your dream job.


Tobi Oluwole - 3Skills Co-Founder & CEO
Marianne Encina -  3Skills Co-Founder & COO

Marianne Encina

Recruiter @ Shopify

As an international student and now PR, I understand how hard it is to land a job with limited work experience. Like you, I have faced the challenges that come with leaving your home country and begin job searching without a network and with little guidance.


Anisa Sanipe

Head of Marketing @ 3Skills

From elementary school teacher to becoming Marketing & Communications Director, I know all about the feeling of frustration and confusion that comes with changing careers and I am committed to helping you stand out in your job searching journey, no matter your professional or educational background!


Anisa Sanipe -  3Skills Co-Founder & CMO
Joshua Alawode - 3Skills Co-Founder & CTO

Joshua Alawode

Senior Software Engineer @ Stripe

As someone that struggled to find a job, with no experience, I know all too well how daunting the job search process can seem, without the right information. We started The 3Skills to help bridge this information gap and equip you with the practical skills you need to land interviews and get multiple job offers!


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