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Transition into a higher-paying and more

fulfilling career

We help unfulfilled, underpaid and undervalued professionals transition out of careers they feel stuck in and into better paying careers that give them a sense of purpose. 

Transition into a higher-paying and more fulfilling career

We've helped over 400 professionals transition into companies like

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What Makes Project Pivot Different?

Live Coaching

Participate in weekly coaching sessions where you can ask questions and get feedback.

Structured Curriculum

Get access to video training, scripts, templates and step-by-step guides you can execute on.

Private Community

Connect and collaborate with other people in the program as well as the instructors.

What the Program Covers

Week 1: Find Your Super Power

Start the program by completing an Enneagram personality test and prompt questions to help you identify your superpower. Your superpower summarizes your personality, passions, gifts, strengths and skills into one ultimate trait. Then our coaches will help you map your new-found superpower to the right companies and the right potential roles within those companies

Week 2: Build Relationships

One week 2, you will get outreach scripts and templates so that you can begin building strategic relationships with employees at your target companies. You will be encouraged to share your failures and losses with your cohort and conquer your fear of rejection. Building these relationships will give you access to more referrals and hidden roles so that you compete with fewer people

Week 3: Communicate Your Value

This week you will start to dive into your resume, LinkedIn profile and storytelling skills. How you communicate your value at each stage of your job search will directly impact your chances of being the best candidate for the ideal jobs you are targeting. You will also be able to book 1-on-1 sessions with a coach to ensure that you are on the right path for the transition your are hoping to make

Week 4: Negotiate Compensation

Week 4 is crucial to making sure you get paid what you are worth when you transition careers. You will attend a live workshop to learn about each aspect of compensation and how you can find accurate information to arm yourself with before negotiating. You will also get access to scripts and coaching to show you exactly how to ask for what you want when you get an offer

Week 5: Make an Impact

Week 5 is focused on showing you how to make an impact in your new role once your transition is complete. Many pivoters consider this one of the most important modules because it gives them confidence on what to do once they start their new role. We cover how to manage your manager, build internal network and position yourself for future raises and promotions so you can pivot in the future

Week 6: Mock Interviews

In order to graduate from Project Pivot, you will be require to complete a 1 hour mock interview session with an interview coach for a role that you identify. These coaches are hiring managers at top companies. They will interview you for 40 minutes then give you 20 minutes of tailored feedback that you can action to increase your changes of acing the real interview.

Meet Your Instructors

Tobi Oluwole

Sales Manager at Shopify

Marianne Encina

Recruiter at Shopify

Joshua Alawode

Software Engineer at Stripe
Meet The Team

Join over 400 Career Pivoters

Pragya S.

"I will be starting a BDR role with Sherpa in exactly one month! Very exciting news and I'm happy to share that I can finally get back into travelling too! I've been speaking with some of you about what you have been looking for in terms of roles and I'll continue to do some research and help with the hunt as much as I can now in my free time!"

Anna M.

"I also just accepted a job! It's a Customer Success role at a Marketing company that I've been interested in applying to for while. It's definitely a step in the right direction to what I'm looking to do! The networking and interview skills that we learned really helped me land the role! "

Laith F.

"I didn't want to say anything until it got finalized but as of this morning, I am so happy to say that I've joined Shopify as a Capital Sales Specialist!

I just resigned today and I look forward to joining my dream company. I want to say thank you all for your support throughout the process!"

Luciana B.

"I just wanted to say thank you! I finally got a good position! I increased my salary and tons of benefits, I'm so happy for seriously taking the course with you. You gave me back my confidence 🙏 THANK YOU!"

Jonah S.

"Hi Project Pivot Fam! Just wanted to let you know that I recently accepted an offer to be a recruiter with Placemaking 4G. I'm really excited about the opportunity!"

Haroun A.

"I'm excited to tell you I officially signed with Slack 🙏
Just wanted to update you, bro. Man, your support and confidence you've given me have helped me so much throughout this. I legit can't express my gratitude bro
Seriously man thank you. I'm excited

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  • Live Weekly Coaching 
  • Private Slack Community
  • Templates, Scripts & Videos
  • 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Resume & LinkedIn Reviews
  • Mock Interviews with Tech Leaders
  • Bonus: Lifetime Access to Slack Community & Support
  • Bonus: Live Resume, Interview & Negotiation workshops

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  • Live Weekly Coaching 
  • Private Slack Community
  • Templates, Scripts & Videos
  • 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Resume & LinkedIn Reviews
  • Mock Interviews with Tech Leaders
  • Bonus: Lifetime Access to Slack Community & Support
  • Bonus: Live Resume, Interview & Negotiation workshops

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Get all the help you need to pivot

6 Group Coaching Sessions

Spend 1 hour every week with your instructor and cohort members discussing each module in breakout rooms. Get your questions answered and get inspired by stories from Project Pivot alumni and guidance on how to execute at each step.

3 Live Workshops

The first workshops to help you perfect your resume for the role you are transitioning into. The second workshop to help you master how to communicate your value. The final workshop to train you on how to confidently negotiate your salary

4 Private Coaching Sessions

Book up to 4 1-on-1 coaching sessions with a Project Pivot coach to get your resume reviewed, learn more about what the day-to-day is like in your ideal role, prep for an interview and build your network. You will also have access to referrals and introductions

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