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Tech companies are in the news for mass layoffs, but there are also many tech companies that are dedicated to hiring good talent, fast. 


From startup to global tech giants, there is still room for you. Whether you’re already in tech, or looking to transition into this growing industry, tweak your resumes and send them to the companies who can’t wait to meet you.



Broadridge is a public corporate services and financial technology company. They have over 5000 brands relying on them to deliver communications, tech, data, and intelligence solutions.


While they have one vacant position located in Toronto, there are plenty of remote positions to fill, including: 

  • Cash management
  • Project coordinator
  • Administration 

Source: Broadbridge Jobs



Autodesk is a multinational software corporation that makes products for architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, educatio, and entertainment industries. 


They have over 180 remote positions including: 

  • Customer adoption specialists
  • Software developer
  • Program manager
  • Technical insights
  • Value engineer
  • Technical manager
  • Content lead
  • Solution executive


Esri is a multinational geographic information system that uses spatial analytics technology in its mapping software.


They are hiring 65 remote positions including: 

  • Senior campaign strategist
  • Product marketing manager
  • Product engineer
  • Marketing strategist
  • Product analyst

Bamboo Health

Bamboo Health is a healthcare technology solutions company that helps their users improve mental health and substance use disorders through intelligence.


They have remote jobs including:

  • Software engineer
  • Growth director
  • Marketing manager 


Jobber is an award-winning tracking and customer management softwares for more than 160,000 home services businesses. Their clientele reaches over 12 million households across 47 countries. They are a $15 billion-dollar company that is one of Canada’s fastest growing. 


Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Jobber has many openings in West and Central Canada, as well as remote options. Their positions span talent attraction, IT specialists, website growth, product analytics, sales development, security, software development, and more.

Source: Jobber openings


Amperity is a customer data platform provider that connects users with leading tools for marketing, analytics, customer service, and data management.


They have seven remote jobs including: 

  • Senior marketing operations
  • Lead applied data scientist
  • Senior software engineer



Brex is a company that integrates the financial services and software that businesses use for their credit cards and cash management accounts. 


They are currently hiring for the opening positions:

  • Manager of product design
  • Staff product designer
  • Engineering manager


Acuity is an online scheduling software that allows clients to set up appointments, payments, and intake forms for their various business and organization needs. 


They are currently hiring:

  • Senior customer success manager
  • Senior product marketing manager


Acuity is invested in their employees’ professional success and holistic well-being. 


They currently offer:

  • Remote work flexibility
  • Self-directed vacation
  • Comprehensive health benefits
  • Equitable compensation
  • Budget for professional and personal development
  • RRSP matching program
  • Inclusive family-planning policy



Cohere is a company that provides companies platforms the ability to read and write through its artificial intelligence language models. 

Source: Cohere openings


GBatteries is a tech company that uses ultra-fast Li-ion battery charging without compromising battery life, chemistry, or manufacturing process. Their mission is to accelerate electric vehicle deployment to minimize greenhouse gas emissions. 


They are currently hiring for:

  • Project coordinator
  • Battery research scientist
  • Senior hardware developer
  • Power electronics developer
  • General application



Dialogue is a virtual care provider for online health and wellness programs. Their Integrated Health Platform connects their primary care, mental health, and Employee Assistance Programme into one consistent technology experience. Dialogue is used by organizations whose mission is to improve member and family wellbeing. 


Here are just some of the 26 positions they are currently hiring:

  • Social workers
  • Trauma intervention responders
  • Customer engagement coordinators
  • Account executives
  • Corporate paralegals
  • Sales director
  • Financial planners

Source: Dialogue openings


Mysa is a company that has produced the first truly smart high-voltage thermostat, with smart-learning features that help users save 15% on their energy bills. Their product can be accessed remotely anywhere in the world by their smartphone and smart home devices such as Alexa, Google Home, and the Apple Homekit.


They are currently hiring remote positions for:

  • Director of industry partnerships
  • Product manager - consume application


Deep Genomics

Deep Genomics is an artificial intelligence company that builds life-saving genetic therapies. Pairing their geneticists, molecular biologists, and chemists with their researchers and engineers, the company is developing new ways to detect and treat disease through artificial intelligence technology.  


This Toronto-based company was founded in 2014 and recently secured $226 million in Series C funding to advance its work. 


They are currently hiring:

  • Research scientist
  • Graduate research intern
  • Senior software engineer
  • Research associate 


Mappedin is a SaaS platform to build indoor mapping solutions. Mappedin constructs, edits, and creates indoor maps to help their customers find items indoors through wayfinding. 


They are currently hiring:

  • Senior product manager
  • Map designer


Fable Tech Labs

Fable Tech Labs is a start-up online platform that makes it easier for digital teams to engage people with disabilities in product development. It connects researchers, designers, and developers with people with disabilities so businesses’ products are more accessible. 


They are currently hiring the following positions

  • Intermediate developer
  • Director of security
  • Senior QA specialist


Dataperformers is a company intended to democratize access to artificial intelligence. The product is a Saas-based searchable and interactive video content platform that enables organizations to find information from graphic data. 

Source: Dataperformers openings

Magnet Forensics

Magnet Forensics is a global company developing digital investigation software that acquires, analyzes and shares evidence from computers, smartphones, tablets and related devices.


They are currently hiring:

  • Software developers
  • Sales representatives
  • Technical managers
  • Product managers
  • User experience designer

Flexiti Financial

Flexiti Financial is a sales financing company that allows customers to purchase goods in-person or online with their paperless credit application. They provide 0% financing to help customers finance purchases through instant approvals. 

Source: Flexiti Financial openings


Geotab is a telematics provider that connects vehicles to the internet and provides web-based analytics to help small and large businesses automate their operations and manage their data. 


They are currently hiring more than 20 positions across Canada.

Source: Geotab openings



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