17 bootcamps to land tech jobs without a tech background

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Working in tech is proving to be an increasingly popular career choice. 


Between software companies helping business with storage, e-commerce websites, and financial support, there is no shortage of tech companies looking for talent. Luckily, you don’t need to be an engineer or coder to land these jobs.


There are plenty of roles for you in tech if you do not have a technical background – and bootcamps to train you to work in them.


Take cybersecurity, for example. Around 77% of cybersecurity professionals have an IT background, but 23% do not. But the non-technical roles will be growing. There is currently a shortage of cybersecurity professionals – in North America alone, there are 490,000 open positions. Take advantage of these openings by up-skilling for the job. 


Here are some non-technical bootcamps and training opportunities to get you started.


Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

The CISSP certification is offered by the Information System Security  (ISC)2 member, a non-profit that specializes in training cybersecurity professionals. The training will teach you how to design, implement, and manage a cybersecurity program and make you a (ISC)2 member.


The class is offered in three formats: a self-paced online course, an online instructor-led course, and a classroom-based course.


Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

CISA trains professionals who audit, control, monitor, and assess organization’s information technology and business systems. With the training, you will develop a greater expertise in:

  • Information system auditing process
  • Governance and management of information systems
  • Informations systems acquisition, development, and implementation
  • Information systems operations and business resilience
  • Protection of information assets

Beyond adding to your credibility among stakeholders, regulators, auditors, and customers, the training will improve your ability to apply risk-based approaches to professional plans and reports.


Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

CISM is provided by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association to train professionals in information security governance, program development and management, incident management, and risk management. The training will increase your credibility with stakeholders and regulators and improve your leadership skills to eventual management roles.

Technical writing 

You don’t need a specialized degree to write about it for tech companies, so long as you are trained in the foundation and have an adequate understanding. Technical writing is about technical communications, ranging from subjects in computer hardware, software, chemistry, robotics, finance, medical, consumer electronics, and more. 


Technical Writer HQ offers interactive online courses to improve your understanding of technical concepts and products. Their programs are self-led so you can organize the skills you want to perfect in the timing that works best for your schedule. 


Technical Writer IQ offers other writing courses: UX writing, grant writing, and proposal writing. 


After completing the UX Writing Certification course at four hours a week, over 10 weeks, and completing a Capstone project, you will have:

  • Completed a UX portfolio
  • Optimized your UX writer resume
  • UX writing examples to showcase your work
  • Working knowledge to excel when hired
  • A community of writers and mentors to rely on for future questions and career development
  • Access to downloadable templates professional UX writers use


After completing the Grant Writing Certification course at four hours a week, over 10 weeks, and completing a Capstone project, you will have:

  • Over 70 lectures and 10 downloadable grant writing templates
  • Exclusive interviews with professionals in the industry
  • Mastered the process of answering popular grant writing interview questions to stand out as an applicant 


After completing the Proposal Writing Certification course at four hours a week, over 10 weeks, and completing a Capstone project, you will have:

  • Over 70 lectures and 10 downloadable grant writing templates
  • Key foundations to grant writing proposals 
  • Exclusive interviews with professionals in the industry
  • Instructor feedback on grant proposals
  • Mastered the process of answering popular grant writing interview questions to stand out as an applicant 


Source: Proposal Writing Certification


Project management 

Project managers organize company ideas, projects, and services in an efficient and timely manner. 


Thinkful offers a five-month course to provide you with skills in project planning, systems development, target analysis, forecasting, and IT management. 


Finance (Fintech)

Finance in tech – also known as fintech – prepares you to merge technology with traditional financial products and services. Artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, and big data are the primary areas of fintech. Some examples of these areas’ products are:

  • Mobile banking
  • Crowdfunding platforms
  • Cryptocurrency & blockchain
  • Stock-trading apps
  • Personal finance apps
  • Mobile payment apps
  • Fraud detection
  • CRM software
  • Credit score calculators
  • Online marketplace comparisons


Security and law enforcement

Fearless Penetration Test Bootcamp focuses on physical penetration testing, social engineering, vulnerability scanning, and the final documental and report-writing. All of this prepares you for various cyber attack methodologies. 


The course takes place over two days at four hours each day, ending in certification to give you a competitive edge in future job applications. 


Up-skilling for tech with a nontechnical background can also apply to acquiring skills that are specific to roles all tech companies have. Instead of attending a course to turn you into a better writer or auditor, you can learn a new program to pair with other skills you have to make you a perfect candidate for another role.


Consider all the soft skills you possess that are valuable to any company: strong collaboration skills, verbal and written communications, excellent independent work capabilities, organizations…the list goes on!


What’s stopping you from becoming a customer success manager, human resources associate, or social media specialist? Nothing but some curated courses to improve your competitive edge.


Customer Success

Taking a sales management bootcamp is a great way to increase your likelihood of nailing down a customer success role. 


In this Hubspot Sales Management Training course, you can learn how to make a sales process, onboard programs to improve a sales team, and develop a recruiting strategy. 


The course includes six lessons over three hours – and it’s free!


It will improve your ability to communicate with your customers and handle consistent relationships with them and your future company’s products and services.


Human Resources

The Canadian HR Academy offers Human Resources Professionals Association-approved courses to signal to employers that you are trained and certified up to human resources standards. 


Their courses include:

  • Certified Talent Management Practitioner 
  • Workplace Mediation Training for HR Professionals
  • Financial Analysis for HR Professionals
  • Capital Budgeting for HR Professionals
  • Coaching for HR Professionals
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Performance & Leadership Development Course
  • Collaboration & Client Service
  • Influencing Others at Work


Since we’re nearing the end of the year, some courses are no longer available, while others are squeezing their last cohorts in. 


The Certified Talent Management Practitioner course is available as an accelerated live web delivery from November 16-17 and December 15-15. It is available in standard web delivery on November 7, 14, 21, 28, and December 5 and 12.


It is the first program in Canada to certify professionals in talent management. It is not limited by jurisdiction, as it is applicable for all provinces and territories. 


The Financial Analysis course is available December 1-2. Completing this course and the Certified Talent Management Practitioner program will earn students the Executive Talent Management Master’s Diploma.


The HR Coaching course is available October 26.Completing it and the Workplace Mediation Training program will earn students the Executive Mediation Training Master’s Diploma.


The Talent Acquisition course is available November 8. Completing this course with the Succession Planning Course will earn students the Strategic Talent Acquisition Executive Certificate.

Source: Talent Acquisition


The Succession Planning course is available November 23. Completing this course with the Strategic Talent Acquisition Course will earn students the Strategic Talent Acquisition Executive Certificate. 


The Performance Leadership Development course is available November 23.  


The Collaboration & Client Service course is available November 29. Completing this course and the Influencing Others at Work Course will earn students the Influence and Collaboration Leadership Certificate. Be that person who works well with everyone. Get the edge!


The Influencing Others at Work course is available November 29. Completing it with the Collaboration and Client Service Course will earn you the Influence and Collaboration Leadership Certificate. 

Social Media

Social media is especially important for tech companies and includes a wide range of skill sets from content creation to marketing, analytics, and social media strategy. 


Here is a list of 35 free social media and marketing courses, including:

  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content
  • Introduction to Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Advanced Social Media Marketing for Picking Up Clients
  • TikTok Masterclass


The options are limitless! Not everyone’s road to tech is going to look the same, but it is possible for everyone. 



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